A culture shift is emerging in the sports coaching sector as an ever-increasing number of companies recognise the value of working together to fight physical inactivity.

And nowhere is this more apparent than at the Aspire Active Partnership Conference which grows year on year.

Twice a year the AAP network get together at Edgbaston Stadium to collaborate, network and gain actionable ideas to drive their organisation, and the sector as a whole, forward.

The next AAP conference is set for 6th May 2022. A full day of workshops and post-conference social awaits.

The workshops

Effective cold communications to schools

7.30am – 8.15am – Dan Hays, Aspire Active Education Group

This one is for the early risers, those of you who are keen to get started and also enjoy a breakfast.

This workshop is going to be tailored to those of you taking part. And so, we’re asking for your input.

We’ll be sending you a multiple-choice survey for you to highlight your headaches. This way we can gear the session towards those challenges and offer you specific solutions.

Strategic direction and CIMPSA benefits

Spencer Rafe, CIMPSA.

How to set up a profitable wrap around service

Matt Ogle, S4A

A hot topic in the AAP WhatsApp group!

Fit for purpose booking systems?

Stephen Clarke, Aspire Active Education Group

A focus group to get your input and insights on what works well with existing booking systems you’ve used and what you’d like to see from a future booking system.

How to benchmark your business

Paul Griffiths and Luke Johnson, Aspire Active Education Group

Learn how to benchmark your company’s performance using a scorecard approach.

Productivity hacks for your staffing timetables

Paul Griffiths and James Trowman, Aspire Active Education Group


The extras

In addition to the six key workshops, Andy Heald is running CQI Part 3. This follows on from Andy’s workshop at the last AAP conference and webinar he delivered just a few months ago.

Also on the schedule is ‘Creating your own marketing planner workshop’ with Letitia Lea from Aspire Active Education Group.

An Accelerate Panel is taking place, giving you the opportunity to find out more about the Accelerate membership from those who took part in the pilot.

And finally, a marketplace will be set up as a space for members of the AAP network to take advantage of exclusive offers from affiliate organisations.


The schedule

On arrival, you’ll receive a conference schedule setting out the timings for workshops, networking, lunch and breaks.


The following two workshops are running at the same time:

  • Fit for Purpose booking systems?
  • Productivity hacks for your staffing timetables

If there’s more than one of your team attending, we ask that you split between the two workshops so you can benefit from both.

If it’s just you from your company attending, you can choose to take part in your preferred workshop.

The arrival times

If you’re joining us for the early riser workshop ‘Effective cold communications to schools’, please arrive at 7.15am. This way you can tuck into some breakfast and we can get started at 7.30am.

If you’re arriving for the conference open, please arrive by 8.30am for an 8.45am start. You’re welcome to get to Edgbaston Stadium from 8.15am.

The dress code

Or rather that should be ‘No dress code’. Wear what’s comfortable, whether that’s a suit or hoody and shorts.

The social

It can’t be all work; it is a Friday night after all.

We’re heading over to Digbeth in Birmingham’s city centre for a few games of PitPat Table Golf. It’s the first and only PitPat in the UK. Described as the baby of mini golf and billiards played under UV light, it’s set to be a unique experience.

There’s only a few tickets remaining, so if you’d like to come along to get to know everyone better, enjoy some food and drinks, and give PitPat a whirl, message Luke Johnson on 07535 052 478.

So that’s what the AAP network’s 6th May is set to look like. We look forward to seeing you all there to share thought-provoking insights and actionable ideas to propel our sector forward and get more children more active!