We’re thrilled to announce Hockey star Tess Howard is joining us on The Active Code!


Who is our guest?

Tess Howard is a Great Britain and England Hockey player. Since recording the episode, Tess has gone on to extraordinary heights in her Hockey career, including scoring a winning goal against Australia in the gold medal match of the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

In addition to Tess’s Commonwealth successes, she’s also a public speaker, guest writer and podcast host.


What do we chat about?

During the episode, Tess shares:

  • Her experience of representing her country from a young age
  • Juggling her university studies with playing sport
  • Her incredible story of overcoming a 12-month intensive rehabilitation following an ACL rupture that led to her missing the Tokyo Olympics
  • Her drive to break down the barriers for girls and women taking part in sport and physical activity


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