We’re excited to welcome Rafe Turner, Partnership Executive at CIMPSA, to The Active Code.

As the sector’s chartered professional body, CIMSPA works on behalf of the whole sport and physical activity sector – supporting, developing, and enabling professionals to succeed and, as a result, inspiring our nation to be more active.
CIMSPA helps to nurture talent, develop careers, inspire professionalism, and set clear regulatory standards for success, continuing the development of a modern, prosperous and respected sport and physical activity sector.

Who is our guest?

Rafe Turner has more than enough experience as he is a Partnership Executive and Skills Hub Manager, with prior experience fostering relationships with partner organisations. Additionally, Rafe has over 10 years in the Sport and Fitness sector, making him knowledgeable.
Rafe is an evolving leader, driven to enhance society and develop personally to make a positive difference for individuals, groups and communities.
Rafe’s role with CIMSPA has been instrumental in supporting thousands of coaches receive training, guidance and support to succeed in a sector that has previously struggled to keep it’s best people.
Rafe isn’t a stranger to strategic operations within organisations. He led a national team of 15 to design and deliver projects that contributed to organisational strategic objectives while serving out a national network of youth volunteers, using the diversity of strengths and perspectives in the group to drive high performance.
Since his recent promotion to Skills Hub Manager, Rafe has been organising and creating Sport & Physical Activity Skills Hub in Worcestershire, Staffordshire, and Cheshire.

What do we chat about?

As an avid reader of personal development books, Rafe not only recommends some top reads on this episode, he also shares top tips and vulnerabilities on:

  • Work-life balance
  • Traits of a great leader
  • Supporting team development pathways
  • The struggles during his career so far
  • How CIMSPA are putting the workforce and sector on the map


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