This week on the podcast we’re joined by Mitchell Quirke, Business Development Manager at Progressive Sports.

Who is Mitchell Quirke?

Mitchell Quirke is in his eighth year at Progressive Sports

As Business Development Manager, Mitchell develops meaningful partnerships with primary schools and community projects in the Bristol and South Gloucestershire region.

Why? To engage and inspire children to lead active and healthy lives.

What’s discussed in the episode?

  • The importance of a healthy body and healthy mind
  • How Progressive Sports doubled their revenue through effective relationship building and increased customer trust
  • Why Progressive Sports offer the Holiday Activity and Food Programme in the region
  • Headaches and barriers the programme threw up
  • Solutions and tips to address the headaches and barriers
  • How Progressive Sports has had an impact on over 8,000 children in the past 12 months during the school holidays

Available to listen from 7am on Monday 21st March 2022 wherever you get your podcasts.

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