This week’s guest brings with him years of experience in the children’s activities sector.

Joining Paul and Luke for a chat is Director of Research, Policy and Communications for ukactive, Jack Shakespeare.

Who is Jack Shakespeare?

Starting his career with Fit for Sport in 2007, he helped the organisation become one of the country’s most well-known children’s activity organisations. In a 10-year journey Jack helped develop hundreds of people to operate in the sector and became Head of Training and Development.

Moving on to become Head of ukactive Kids in 2017, a not-for-profit organisation for the physical activity sector, Jack worked with local and national partners to develop a policy-driven, practical approach to providing more opportunities for children and young people to be physically active.

Now, as Director of Research, Policy and Communications for ukactive, Jack continues to champion the benefits of physical activity and plays a key role in the ukactive Research Institute.

What’s discussed in the episode?

  • The benefits of physical activity on family life
  • How exercise sparks innovation and clear thinking
  • How emphasising growth on an individual level is key to engaging the unengaged
  • What the sector can learn from the youth sector, marketing and communication
  • How we as a sector can start showing the social impact of our provision and support in the community

Available to listen from 7am on Monday 14th March 2022 wherever you get your podcasts.

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