This week on the podcast we welcome Dennis Kennedy, founder of Inspire Activity Limited.

Who is Dennis Kennedy 

“It takes a village to raise a child” is a proverb that really resonates with this week’s guest.  

Dennis Kennedy is the founder of Inspire Activity Limited, a West Midlands based organisation that connects people with activity providers through the Community Games project. 

Swapping life in the corporate world to work with a core voluntary team and provide an environment where children and young people are inspired to grow in a safe and healthy environment has had its challenges, but Dennis and his team are in no doubt that those challenges are far outweighed by the positive outcomes.

What’s discussed in the episode?

  • The origins of the Community Games 
  • How the Community Games has engaged a staggering 80,000 plus people in their local community 
  • The main reasons why the Community Games has seen great success 
  • How Dennis and his team pivoted during the pandemic 
  • The importance of volunteers in the physical activity space 

Available to listen from 7am on Monday 7th March 2022 wherever you get your podcasts.

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