We’re excited to welcome Chris Sharman, co-founder of Topodium, to The Active Code.


Who is our guest?

Chris co-founded Topodium Group in 2020 with a single mission; to transform the sports, health and wellbeing industries.

By leveraging a powerful set of collaborative solutions and industry expertise, from sports marketing and technology, to youth consultancy and business growth,

Topodium are able to effectively and efficiently address change, achieving better outcomes and inspiring new possibilities for people around the world.

What do we chat about?

During this episode, you’ll get to hear:

  • The challenges of rolling out services on a global scale
  • How Topodium put emphasis on a ‘family feel’ organisation, even through rapid growth
  • The vision of making people feel good inside and out
  • The importance of selling the ‘why’ and the feeling through marketing messages


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