Our latest Active Code Podcast had the pleasure of hosting Louise Assioun and
Sue Morrison from LUSU.



Who are our guests?

With over 25 years of experience in fostering a culture of inclusivity and engagement in sports, Louise Assioun and Sue Morrison stand out as true champions of making physical activity accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Louise, with her rich background in physical education and a level 4 tennis coaching accreditation, spearheads the Team GB Visually Impaired Tennis team, offers invaluable expertise to the Battle Back program, and consults on various projects, including content creation for the LTA’s Coach Education department. Her dedication shines in her work to inspire and develop skills in others, ensuring physical activities are a source of joy and camaraderie for all. Similarly,

Sue Morrison’s journey in coaching across a plethora of sports, from tennis to multisport, especially for children and those with disabilities, reflects her deep-seated commitment to nurturing a lifelong love for sports. Her innovative approach in creating activity programs and designing equipment highlights her dedication to broadening the reach of sports, making it possible for individuals from different backgrounds and abilities to find delight and fulfilment in being active.

Together, Louise and Sue embody the spirit of inclusivity and passion for sports, making significant strides in bringing the joy and benefits of physical activity to everyone.



What do we chat about?

During the episode, we dive into:

  • Louise’s Journey: From PE Teacher to Disability Sports Coach
  • Sue’s Path: 40 Years of Coaching and Inclusion
  • The Power of Sport: Personal Stories of Impact
  • Championing Activity: Strategies for Inclusion and Engagement
  • Overcoming Barriers: Ensuring Access to Physical Activity for All
  • The Journey to Support and Innovation in Inclusive Sports
  • Introducing Innovative Training Workshops for Schools
  • Creative Solutions for Inclusive Physical Education
  • Adapting to Lockdown: Virtual Support and Community Engagement
  • LUSU TV: A Resource Hub for Inclusive Activities
  • Harnessing Creativity for Inclusive Sports Activities
  • Empowering Educators with Inclusive Training Techniques
  • Recommendations for Further Learning and Inclusion


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