Our latest Active Code Podcast had the pleasure of hosting Kay Batkin from Youth Sport Trust.



Who is our guest?

Kay Batkin is the Network Director at Youth Sport Trust. Inspired from an early age to work in sports education, her professional journey began with the aspiration of becoming a PE teacher. However, after a chance conversation with her own PE teacher, she decided to broaden her horizons and studied Sport and Recreation Development at Leeds Beckett University. After graduation, she found herself thrown into local authority roles managing school improvement and sports development. Within her career, her leadership roles have taken her from managing pivotal sports programmes and competitions to building communities and networks within educational landscapes.
 In her 14 years at Youth Sport Trust, she has contributed significantly to programmes, where she shares her passion for transforming children’s lives through sports and talks about Youth Sport Trust’s long-term strategy for using physical activity as a key facet of child education.
Beyond her role as an executive, she is also a fierce advocate for the benefits of physical activity and good health. She strongly supports the idea of schools leading the way in instilling a culture of physical health through initiatives like fitness-based after-school programmes. She believes in the power of sport not just as a competitive platform, but also as a tool for positive social change.

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What do we chat about?

During the episode, we dive into:

  • Kay’s Professional Journey
  • Kay’s Role at Youth Sport Trust
  • The Current Landscape for Children and Young People
  • The Impact of Physical Activity on Kay’s Life
  • The Future of Youth Sport Trust
  • The Evolution of Health Issues and the Role of Physical Activity
  • The Long-term Goal: Daily Physical Activity for All
  • The Challenge: How to Implement the Goal
  • The Collaborative Approach to Policy Making
  • The Manifesto: Key Asks for Youth Wellbeing
  • The Importance of Physical Education in Schools
  • The Need for Accessible Play Opportunities for Young People
  • The Role of Activity Providers in the Strategy
  • The Importance of Collaboration in the Sector
  • The Impact of School Games on Youth Engagement
  • The Upcoming YST Conference: Change Their Score, Change Their Future
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