Our latest Active Code Podcast had the pleasure of hosting CMXSC’s Founder and Director, Chris Michaelides, a passionate entrepreneur with a deep-seated love for sports.

Chris shared insights on his personal and professional journey, revealing how he navigates the challenges of being a business owner while emphasising the transferable skills he absorbed from his passion – sports.

Who is our guest?

Chris is a passionate director who strives to positively impact and engage as many children as possible through physical activity. He is the founder and director of CMXSC Ltd, a company that provides specialist primary physical education, Ofsted registered childcare in the form of wraparound care provision and active holiday camps for children and consulting services in sports and education.

Stay tuned for more such engaging conversations on the Active Code Podcast!

What do we chat about?

During the episode, we dive into:

  • Chris’ professional journey and love for sports
  • Importance of physical activity and sports
  • Balancing family life and physical activity
  • Chris’ fitness routine
  • Lessons from sports translated into business leadership
  • The competitive nature of leadership
  • Inspirational leaders and their impact
  • Rapid growth and challenges in business
  • Understanding the power of saying ‘Yes’ and ‘No’
  • Self-reflection and improvement as a leader
  • The importance of communication and presence
  • The art of listening and understanding
  • Developing leaders within your organisation
  • Overcoming challenges as a business owner
  • Proudest moments in life and business
  • Recommendations for enhancing leadership skills


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