We’re excited to welcome Craig Brennan, founder and CEO of The Little Sports Group, to The Active Code. 

Drawing on his extensive experience in the sports, education, and childcare industries, Craig shares his expertise and insights in this must-listen episode. 

Who is our guest?

Craig Brennan is an experienced CEO with a demonstrated history of working in sports,
education and childcare. Craig is founder and CEO of The Little Sports Group, a group of companies that provide education, childcare and physical activity programmes across the UK to schools and families. 

Craig is skilled in strategy, innovation, operations and leadership, and has a proven track record in acquisitions, start-ups and scaling businesses. 

What do we chat about?

During this episode, Crajg shares:

  • His experiences of acquisitions 
  • Employing over 230 people and the challenges that brings 
  • What LSC’s people strategy includes and why it’s vital for success 
  • How his views on physical activity and what it means have changed over time 

Listen wherever you get your podcasts.