Who is our guest?

Adam Holland is a visionary leader in the children’s physical activity sector, having devoted over nine years to managing Progressive Sports in Derbyshire, Nottingham, and Chesterfield. His journey, unconventional in the beginning, started right after high school when he dived into a sports coaching apprenticeship with Port Vale. Despite the early end of his tenure due to financial constraints, Adam’s passion never wavered. He quickly found a new beginning with Progressive Sports, where through dedication, learning, and genuine care for community wellbeing, he has significantly expanded the organisation’s reach across the East Midlands. With a focus on making sports accessible and enjoyable for children, Adam has introduced innovative methods such as glow-in-the-dark activities to engage young people and has tirelessly worked towards breaking down barriers to physical activity. His leadership is not only transformative but also inclusive, pushing for high-quality services that raise enjoyment levels and physical activity among children. His efforts extend beyond the field; his strategic use of PR and marketing has notably increased Progressive Sports’ visibility and impact. Adam’s story is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and the importance of leadership at all levels of an organisation.


What do we discuss?

  • A Journey in activating community activity
  • Adam’s early career and the path to Progressive Sports
  • The power of physical activity: Adam’s insights
  • Innovative approaches to engaging children in physical activity
  • Adam’s proudest moments and inspirational leaders
  • Leadership insights and business coaching
  • The power of measurement in business improvement
  • Personal leadership style and team management
  • Developing leaders within the organisation
  • Challenges and strategies in leadership development
  • Addressing leadership perceptions in the sports sector
  • Recommendations for enhancing leadership skills
  • Creating opportunities and overcoming barriers
  • The importance of reflection and continuous improvement