Our latest Active Code Podcast had the pleasure of hosting Andrea Springthorpe from Legacy Sports.


Who is our guest?

Andrea Springthorpe is an inspiring figure with a multifaceted professional journey deeply rooted in physical activity and fitness. Starting her career in sales and marketing, Andrea found herself unfulfilled and longing for a change. At 28, she took a bold step by quitting her job to pursue a degree in Exercise, Physical Activity, and Health as a mature student at the University of Huddersfield. This decision was a turning point, leading her to explore various domains of physical fitness but ultimately recognising that her heart was not in becoming a PE teacher. Instead, Andrea embarked on an entrepreneurial path and established ‘Fit for Force,’ a boot camp business aimed at preparing individuals for the physical assessments required in the forces. Her venture was born out of a desire to fill a gap in the fitness preparation for those entering the forces, and it has been successful and ongoing since 2011.

Beyond running boot camps, Andrea’s journey took another significant turn when she joined Legacy Sport, where she climbed up to become one of the directors. In her role at Legacy, she handles a mix of finance, operations, sales, and marketing, drawing from her rich background to bring value to the organisation. On a personal level, Andrea places immense value on physical activity, not just for its physical benefits but for its mental health benefits as well. As a mother, she views herself as a role model to her daughter, Sophia, emphasising the importance of being active and healthy. Through her journey, Andrea exemplifies resilience, adaptability, and the pursuit of passion, making her a compelling character in the narrative of fitness and personal growth.


What do we discuss?

  • Andrea’s Unique Journey into Fitness
  • The Birth of Fit for Force and Transition to Legacy Sport
  • A Day in the Life at Legacy: Roles and Responsibilities
  • Leveraging Sales and Marketing Skills in the Fitness Sector
  • Challenges and Changes in the School Fitness Sector
  • The Personal Significance of Physical Activity
  • Promoting Physical Activity Among Children and Parents
  • Inspirational Role Models and Leadership in the Sector
  • The Power of Collaboration and Networking
  • Leadership Style and Development at Legacy
  • Challenges and Achievements: A Reflection
  • Improving Activity Levels: Insights and Recommendations