We’re excited to welcome Stuart Armstrong, a strategic sports development professional, to The Active Code.

Stuart has been involved with some of the biggest names in the industry. Some of which include The Golf Foundation, UK Coaching, The RFU as Head of Player Pathways, and Development & Rugby Growth. Stuart’s most recent role with Sport England as Head of Coaching & Strategic Lead for Workforce Transformation. Using his extensive experience within the industry, Stuart shares the current challenges with physical activity initiatives.

Who is our guest?

Stuart Armstrong is a dynamic, and innovative sports development professional with a proven track record of leading transformational change initiatives across multiple sporting domains. He is currently developing the sport and physical activity workforce to better meet the needs of a broader range of participants.

His specialties include but aren’t limited to Coach Development, Coach Education, Talent Academies, apprenticeships, and Sourcing External Funding.

What do we chat about?

During the episode, Stuart shares:

  • The challenges with current physical activity initiatives.
  • Lack of autonomy in the delivery of physical activity.
  • Why children’s activity levels are low.
  • The vital role people play in engaging children and young people.
  • Ideas on developing the sector’s workforce.


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