Who is our guest?

Ryan Harris is a charismatic leader in the children’s sports coaching and activity sector. Beginning his career at 17 years old, as a kids’ activity club provider at David Lloyd’s leisure centre, Ryan has demonstrated a natural flair for sports and leadership. His early involvement in tennis, where he excelled to become the number one player in Lancashire for his age group, laid the foundation for his passion for sports and its development.

Despite leaving university early, Ryan’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to sports led him to recognise the transformative power of physical activity in children’s lives. He leveraged his experience and skills to establish the School of Sport in 2016, later diversifying its offerings and rebranding to meet the needs of children and parents better. Under Ryan’s leadership, the organisation has flourished, driven by his commitment to high standards, organisational excellence, and community impact. Ryan’s journey from a sports enthusiast to a successful business owner reflects his belief in the importance of leadership, collaboration, and innovation in combating physical inactivity among youth. His story is a testament to the impact of perseverance, dedication, and a genuine passion for making a difference in the lives of young people through sports.​

What do we discuss?

  • The importance of leadership in combating physical inactivity
  • Introducing Ryan Harris: From tennis prodigy to business owner
  • Ryan’s professional journey: The early years
  • Expanding beyond tennis: The growth of a business
  • Navigating business growth and the pandemic
  • Ryan’s personal fitness journey and its impact
  • Engaging children in physical activity: Strategies and Challenges
  • The evolution of wraparound services
  • Offering free sessions: A strategy for growth
  • Leadership insights and inspirations
  • Building a culture of continuous improvement
  • Cracking the Active Code