In a world where customer experience can make or break a business, every company – small, medium-sized, or large, across all sectors – must prioritise improving their relationship with their customers.

We were recently joined by Richard Beevers, founder and director of Customer Plus and an experienced professional in this field, and we dove deep into the subject.



Who is our guest?

With over 40 years of experience in marketing communications and customer relationship management, Richard is the director at Customer Plus, a leading consultancy that helps businesses improve their customer experience and loyalty. He is a certified NPS practitioner and an accredited C-me colour profiling activator, which enables him to deliver effective and engaging workshops and training sessions for clients across various sectors. Richard has also been involved in several new business development initiatives, securing contracts with major brands such as Tesco, HSBC, and Virgin Media.

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What do we chat about?

During the episode, we dive into:

  • Career journey and business ventures
  • Role and services of Customer Plus
  • Passion for sports and physical activity
  • Benefits of Sports and physical activity
  • Introduction to customer journey mapping
  • Understanding customer satisfaction surveys and net promoter score
  • Importance of prioritising customer experience
  • The importance of customer experience
  • Renewal and results: The impact on customer experience
  • The discrepancy between promotion and delivery
  • Common mistakes in customer experience
  • The fitness analogy: Long-term commitment to customer experience
  • The importance of consistency in customer experience
  • The role of customer experience in brand perception
  • The challenge of enhancing customer experience
  • The power of choice
  • The role of enjoyment in customer experience.


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