Episode eight of The Active Code sees hosts Paul Griffiths and Luke Johnson joined by Dillan O’Connor and Dale Harris, directors of Dream Big Sports

Who are Dillan and Dale?

Dillan and Dale are directors at Dream Big Sports, a not-for-profit organisation based in the North West.

Dream Big Sports provides sporting and educational opportunities to disadvantaged young people to make their hopes, ambitions and dreams a reality.

Dillan and Dale are also co-founders and directors at Active Education Co., recognising the need for high-quality physical activity provision to inspire the next generation to lead active lives.

Through a wealth of resources, training and content, Active Education Co. develops the knowledge, confidence and skill of those within the education sector to champion health, wellbeing and physical activity.

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The three will be covering:

  • How a meeting over a cup of coffee led to their successes
  • Why it’s important to reflect on success as well as innovate to move forwards
  • How organisations can break down barriers to physical activity, such as access, travel and equipment
  • What strategy is used at Dream Big Sports to develop stronger team members
  • How other sectors use data more effectively and why “not assessing is guessing” when it comes to understanding physical activity trends

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