On the 1st of December, we held a truly inspiring Aspire Active Partnerships Conference, bringing together passionate individuals and organisations who support children’s engagement in sports and active lifestyles.

Here, we want to share with you a recap of the remarkable workshops and discussions that took place throughout the day, where everyone shared knowledge, ideas, and experiences to foster a healthy and inclusive sports culture for all!

Taylor from ActiveMe360:

Qualify Your Leads with Exceptional Showcases

Taylor wowed us all with an insightful workshop on how to effectively qualify leads and grow your brand’s visibility. By optimising showcases, your organisation can consistently promote the numerous benefits of sports for children, reaching out to even more schools and communities!

Dan Wilson

Creating Active Schools 

Dan Wilson led a fantastic discussion on how organisations can help schools foster active lifestyles for their students. Through inclusive and adaptive programs, sports can become an integral part of children’s well-being, enhancing their physical, mental, and social development.

Dan Hays

‘Quick Sales Wins’ Workshop

Dan also shared useful strategies for gaining quick sales and increasing enrollment in sports programs. By maximising available incentives and discounts, we can make sports accessible and appealing to children from all backgrounds and abilities!

James Trowman

Introducing the ‘People Skills Matrix’¬†

James Trowman led an engaging ‘People Skills Matrix’ bitesize session where everyone actively participated in booklet work. A wonderful opportunity for attendees to learn how to effectively manage and nurture talent within their organisations!

Rafe Turner from CIMSPA

Local skills hubs and your business

Rafe Turner highlighted the advantages of Local Skills Hubs in supporting sports businesses. These hubs can provide valuable resources and networks for expanding access to sports for children, ultimately enriching their lives with unparalleled life skills.

Tom and Steve from Love Care Recruitment

Attracting great talent

In another insightful workshop, Tom and Steve shared tips on how to attract and retain top talent throughout the recruitment process. With a strong team, you can make a real difference in promoting sports and physical activities for children in our communities!

Dan Hays and Letitia Lea’s Bitesize Workshop:

‘Road 2 Paris’

Dan and Letitia hosted a workshop focused on the ‘Road 2 Paris’ programme, demonstrating marketing assets and ways to build strong relationships with schools. By working closely with educational institutions, we can ensure that sports remain an essential and enjoyable aspect of children’s lives.

Roundtable Discussions

Supporting the industry

Our roundtable sessions allowed everyone to address key issues and challenges within the sports industry. Topics included lead generation, implementing new strategies, and more. It was an incredible opportunity for attendees to voice their concerns and interests, fostering a supportive network for all.

Luke Service from Howden

Finding the Right Insurance for your business.

We also had the pleasure of enjoying an insightful workshop led by Luke Service from Howden. Luke addressed the importance of obtaining the right insurance for sports businesses, ensuring that our organisations are well-protected and able to continue offering transformative opportunities for children everywhere.

We closed the conference with a heartfelt reflection on the growth and success of our network organisations over the past six months. This event was truly a celebration of the connection, collaboration, and commitment of all those who strive to support and promote sports among children. We’re excited to see where our combined efforts will take us and look forward to the continued growth of our shared goals!

Here’s to creating a brighter, more inclusive sporting culture for children everywhere!