In the penultimate episode of this series, hosts Paul Griffiths and Luke Johnson are joined by Anderson Hirst.

Who is Anderson Hirst? 

Anderson is the Founder and Director at Selling Interactions, an international sales consulting and training organisation based in Birmingham. He is a passionate researcher of sales best practice, splitting his time between sales research and hands-on delivery.

After switching from an initial career as a brewer, Anderson started out in front line technical sales before moving into the field of sales training and consulting where he sold, designed and delivered multiple international sales improvement projects.

In 2005, Anderson studied an MBA at Warwick Business School and used his research into sales process to build the foundations of Selling Interactions. He also founded The Kojo Academy to help clients accelerate their sales capability.

Linkedin @AndersonHirst

Twitter @sellinginteract

What is the podcast about?

  • Anderson’s love for running, yoga, cycling and skateboarding
  • How physical activity is his way of recharging his batteries
  • The three key steps to delegation
  • Anderson’s three top tips for organisations looking to work with more schools

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