In this week’s episode of The Active Code, hosts Paul Griffiths and Luke Johnson are joined by Eddie Ray, Founder and Managing Director at Progressive Sports.

Who is Eddie Ray? 

Eddie is an entrepreneur, franchiser and investor. He set up Progressive Sports in 2006 and has been supporting schools and communities ever since.

Progressive Sports’ mission is to inspire, engage, empower and encourage children to lead healthy active lifestyles and they achieve this through providing a range of programmes to support PE and Sport in schools and also the wider community.

What is the podcast about?

In the episode, Eddie:

  • talks about who has influenced him throughout his career.
  • explains why, as a leader, it is important to be humble, empathetic and accountable.
  • discusses why he believes failure is just a process and a great learning opportunity.
  • shares the reasons for franchising Progressive Sports.

Available to listen from 7am on Monday 9th August 2021

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