In this week’s episode of The Active Code, hosts Paul Griffiths and Luke Johnson are joined by Will Atterbury, Founder & Managing Director at Active Me 360 CIC.

Who is Will Atterbury?

Will is a keen sportsman and a business enthusiast. He has been a sports coach for many years and has worked in the Active Leisure, Sport and Physical Education sector in a range of roles. Will is based in Hampshire, but has also spent time working as a Special Constable for the Metropolitan Police in London.

In 2019, Will founded Active Me 360, a company which aims to change lives through physical activity, sport and education.

As a Community Interest Company (or Social Enterprise), Active Me 360 reinvest profits they make back in to their local community to enable social change.

For a new company, which had only been going for a year when the pandemic hit, Active Me 360 has been very successful, winning a Marathon Kids award in 2020-21 for running the most attended park events and being nominated for the Winchester Business Excellence Awards 2021.

Linkedin: Will Atterbury

Twitter: @ActiveMe360


What is the podcast about?

In the episode, Will:

  • elaborates on his journey from sports coaching to managing his own company.
  • explains how Active Me 360 works to enable social change.
  • shares the reason culture plays a huge part at Active Me 360, and why it drives everything they do.

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