Episode five of The Active Code sees hosts Paul Griffiths and Luke Johnson joined by Greg Dryer, co-founder of miMove app.

Who’s Greg Dryer?

Greg is a university lecturer, qualified teacher, business owner and former senior tutor at Youth Sports Trust.

Greg is the founder of a ground-breaking activity monitoring app for schools and organisations. miMove app allows teachers, parents and coaches to support young people with making physical activity a regular part of their lives.

By transforming teaching and coaching practices to break down barriers, Greg’s vision is to make all forms of physical activity available to all young people.

Linkedin @Greg Dryer

Twitter: @miMoveApp

Website: mimoveapp.com

The three will be covering:

  • The sector’s responsibility to measure physical activity levels
  • The value of data in improving physical activity levels
  • The importance of organisations having unwavering faith in what they do in order to improve

Available to listen from 7am on Monday 5th April 2021.

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