Job Advert

Job adverts provided for the vacancies to be advertised in the given local area (templates supplied). These vacancies will not be publicly advertised, but will target specifically the eligible candidates signed up for the Kickstart scheme.


DWP Vacancy Matching

Local Job Centre support workers will match candidates in their database to the vacancies based on existing skills/experience and also based on the candidates sector choices. This will also be based on their ability to get to the placement location (although we will reaffirm this during our recruitment to ensure travel or distance is not a barrier).


Initial Shortlisting

Matched candidate CV’s sent over to Aspire for each vacancy. Aspire will then contact each of you to discuss the matched candidates and we can decide on a line-up for short informal interviews with the strongest candidates.


Joint Digital Interviews

Aspire will contact the candidates to arrange digital interviews, inviting you to the Teams appointment, which will have the CV attached for reference. Digital interviews are held between Aspire, you (or someone your organisation) and the candidate. It is important that this is a positive experience, with informal conversation about the role, training and the organisation along with the individual’s skills and experience, referring to elements on the CV. Aspire will provide outline questions as a basis for the discussion.


Employer Interviews

Face to face interviews can then be offered to those who make it through shortlisting – held by you directly so you can decide on the right candidates. You can determine the questions for these interviews or you can use the suggested ones we have developed.


Final Selection and Job Offer

Candidates will be informed of the successful / unsuccessful decision by you.


HR Processes

Standard employment and HR processes, and DBS checks will need to be initiated by you as the employer. Candidates will be employed on a 6 month basis, working 25 hours per week at National Minimum Wage for their age (or National Living Wage depending on their age). If you choose to employ them for more than this, you will need to cover any additional wages. Similarly, you can offer a higher wage but will need to budget for anything over the NMW rate. NB. Associated NI contributions and minimum automatic enrolment contributions are also covered by the scheme.


Employer Induction and Workplace Mentor Assigned

You will provide an employer induction and assign a workplace mentor. The candidate will need to be supervised and supported in their role so they can develop the necessary skills and experience.


Aspire Training Induction

Aspire will provide a training induction followed by training as per the job advert. A more detailed timetable will be provided closer to the time but it is expected to cover 5 hours per week of training / task work in line with the 20% off the job training model adopted within apprenticeships. This will also include CV writing, employability and work skills training and support.


£150 Employer Payment

Payment of £150 will be paid for you per candidate on commencement of their employment in line with the government grant being paid to Aspire. This will be to recompense for the DBS fee and offer £100 towards uniform / branded workwear.


Payment of Salary

Payment for wages will be made monthly in arrears to Aspire. Aspire will then distribute to employers providing the candidate is still showing on enrolled on your payroll and being paid through PAYE. This will apply monthly for the duration of the 6 months.


Aspire Ongoing Training

Training includes:
• Role Specific
• Employment Skills
• Safeguarding
• Health and Safety
• CV Development


Workplace Mentor Training

Aspire will provide access to an accredited Workplace Mentor qualification and associated training for anyone supporting a Kickstart candidate (to maximise the quality of the support, placement opportunity and potential for organisational impact).


Monthly Reviews

Aspire will provide monthly reviews with you and your candidates to discuss progress.


Future Opportunities

Discussion of opportunities available:
• Employment
• Apprenticeships
• Traineeships


£150 Employer Completion Bonus

Aspire will provide a completion bonus of £150 to the employer for each candidate successfully completing 6 months. Aspire can support with ongoing apprenticeship / traineeship opportunities for the candidate if you decide to offer them further employment once the placement is complete. We can discuss this on a case by case basis with you.

To find out more about the Kickstart Scheme watch our webinar below.