Initial Training Needs Analysis Meeting

Held between the employer and Aspire Business Development Manager. This involves discussion around needs of the employer (Training Needs Analysis), options for training and apprenticeships, salary and training costs, delivery model and timeframes, commitment from employer and apprentice, recruitment options, membership options for added value training and processes for enrolment.


Recruitment of a new apprentice

template adverts are available along with support to advertise and undertake initial shortlisting. Full recruitment support is available at an additional cost (to include digital interviews, attendance at face to face interview, practical task support and interview administration). Employers also have the option to manage recruitment themselves but will need to share details (CV to include prior education / training and Maths/English grades) of candidates being considered for the programme in order for initial eligibility checks to be completed.


Existing staff CPD

CV to be shared for checks to be made (CV must include prior education / training and Maths/English grades). PLR (Personal Learner Record checks may be made to verify qualifications and training).


Completion of employer handover form

This confirms the employer’s decision to proceed and provides Aspire with everything needed to be able to initiate the enrolment process along with reservation of a space on our apprenticeship programme for your apprentice.


Booking pre-enrolment meeting

A four-way meeting needs to be arranged between the employer, apprentice, BDM and Education Manager. This ensures all parties understand the commitment involved, processes and timeframes for delivery. The overarching purposes is to ensure we get the ‘right learner, right programme, right employer’. Date for the meeting to be agreed with all involved.


Learner engagement

Key learner information is shared with the employer at this stage for them to communicate with their apprentice. The information will cover key elements about the apprenticeship, processes for their enrolment, helping them to understand how the apprenticeship will work, and time scales. It will also encourage you to discuss the job role with them so they can see how this will enable them to apply the training and theory they receive in their day to day practice


Pre-enrolment meeting held

This meeting serves as an introduction to the apprenticeship programme and outlines what to expect from an employer and learner perspective. Eligibility for the programme is determined by completing a skills radar for the apprenticeship to ensure the learner has sufficient requirement for the training to be provided, to ascertain whether there is any recognition of prior learning, whether functional skills will be required, and determine any support/pastoral needs. It is fundamental that we ensure everyone is fully committed to the programme.


Employer Due Diligence Documents Provided

Documents will be requested during the sign-up of the apprentice(s) with us. Including company liability, contract of employment for the apprentice and any health and safety policies that the organisation has in place.


Bud Registration

The apprentice will be invited to register with ‘Bud’, our Learner Management System. All sections of the registration must be completed – they will need to provide identification, personal details, National Insurance number, qualifications/training and employment details. They will also provide details of any disabilities or additional needs that are relevant or may require support/adjustments.


Initial Assessments (BKSB)

For any new apprentice on any apprenticeship programme, an initial assessment of the learner’s Maths and English is required. The result will allow the training provider to determine whether the learner needs any Maths and English support throughout their apprenticeship. The tests will be held on BKSB and a link to these will be sent to each learner upon arrangement of the bud enrolment with their tutor.


Bud Enrolment Meeting with Tutor

This will involve a one hour meeting with the tutor delivering the apprenticeship standard. The enrolment will consist of discussing the learner’s intent/written statement, Maths and English prior learning and any other prior learning related to the programme as well as career progression. The planned start date will be agreed between all parties and will help form part of the enrolment documents as well as ensuring all parties agree to their commitments outlined in the commitment statement(s).


Initiate Apprenticeship Funding Process

the BDM will work with the employer (finance contact if necessary) to make arrangements for the funding of the training for the apprenticeship. For levy organisations, the apprenticeship is likely to be funded by the levy contributions made. If there are not sufficient funds within the levy account, the government will pay 95% of any surplus. Employers will therefore only need to budget for 5% of training costs not covered by their levy. The apprenticeship cohort is added within the Digital Apprenticeship Service account held by the employer and Aspire Training Solutions is selected as the chosen training provider (UKPRN 10044252). For non-levy organisations, a 5% contribution towards training costs is required. The government are committed to covering the remaining 95% of training costs for the apprenticeship. This is obtained by making a reservation of funding via the employer’s Digital Apprenticeship Service account. The apprenticeship cohort is added once funds have been reserved. Employer 5% co-investment payments are then taken via monthly invoice. For non-levy organisations, this may involve setup of a Digital Apprenticeship Service account using their PAYE Government Gateway login details (if this hasn’t already been done). Once the DAS account is ready for use, funds can be reserved as per above and the apprenticeship cohort can be added. In some circumstances, non-levy employers can benefit from levy gifting from one of our large employer partners who have unspent levy funds that can be shared with SME’s. In these circumstances the employer has 100% of training costs covered. Further details can be provided if levy share is available. Full support with the funding side of things is provided by the BDM who can answer any questions and guide employers through this process.


Confirmation of First Day of Learning

First day of learning confirmed with employer. Will reflect the dates discussed in enrolment with tutor unless a new start date has been discussed/arranged.


Compliance Signatures

Compliance documents which form part of a learner’s apprenticeship portfolio all require signing prior to any learning taking place. The learner and employer’s signatures are required for the apprentice’s enrolment form, apprenticeship agreement and commitment statement. Additional signatures are then required from the employer for the funding agreement for the apprenticeship, written agreement which forms the terms of services agreement between Aspire and the employer and any addendums to this written agreement.


Programme Delivery Dates and Learning Plan Shared

The apprentice’s learning plan is detailed and forms part of the commitment statement. Dates relating to certain activities on the learning plan will be provided to the employer and apprentice via the tutor, prior to their first day. We would expect all learner’s to be available to attend all activities, either online or in person, depending upon the type of planned activity. There are planned face-to-face activities for all apprenticeships we offer.


£150 Employer Completion Bonus

Aspire will provide a completion bonus of £150 to the employer for each candidate successfully completing 6 months. Aspire can support with ongoing apprenticeship / traineeship opportunities for the candidate if you decide to offer them further employment once the placement is complete. We can discuss this on a case by case basis with you.